Meeting all your major construction needs


Southern Steel

Manufactures and supplies fabricated steel products specifically designed to European and American construction norms as well as international seismic standards for major construction projects and international companies operating in Haiti and in the region. In addition, we are proud to be certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).

Southern Steel is equipped and capable of meeting all metallic structure construction needs and also able to manufacture elements of standard or custom metal forms.

Our services, structure and expertise enable us to answer any and all specific requests related to the industry.

The construction sector is the second most important job provider in the country in which the GB Group has been continuously investing since 1972.

Dynamic and proactive, GB Group companies are strategically positioned as some of the most reliable key products manufacturers & suppliers.

With many opportunities to improve Haitian construction standards, we are investing heavily in our people and existing production facilities to maintain our position as market leader as well as engaging in new aggressive endeavors such as Southern Steel.


Through our activities in these areas of focus, we are able to touch each and every family.


Our commitment to building a better Hispaniola is exemplified through our investments in infrastructure projects such as ports and free zones, and power generation projects from thermal and renewable energy sources.


Since 1973, we have diversified our portfolio from the manufacturing and distribution of steel rebars, to now include a complete line of steel-derived final products, a lumber yard and a cement grinding mill.


Our long-term vision looks for co-investment opportunities with credible partners in our manufacturing and our distribution capabilities. We also look to provide green jobs through long-term sustainable plans to contrbute to Hispaniola’s status as a key exporter of agricultural goods to the U.S. and the Caribbean.


We are proud to be Hispaniola’s largest supplier of liquid fuels. We achieve this thanks to the trust of our industrial, aviation, and retail customers via our 380+ service stations and our participation in the Caribbean‘s largest passenger airports.