Crafted by the finest team of news professionals, Challenges offered an in-depth perspective into Haiti’s reality like no other magazine, coupled with a thorough look into: politics, economy, society, culture and sports.

Challenges was a pioneer in its genre and began as Haiti’s first and only weekly news magazine for over a year before it switched to a monthly magazine in order to offer readers deeper analysis and more investigative pieces until its envisioned lifespan 3 years later.

This fresh new source for reliable and timely news available to the public at large, began catering to savvy readers on August of 2015.

As a relevant source of information concerning Haiti, the Caribbean and the world, Challenges attracted the attention of some of the greatest minds with its unique content unavailable anywhere else until August of 2019.

Not only was this new medium attractive with a cutting-edge design for comfortable reading, but it also boasted rich, relevant, and stimulating reads.

In addition to an aggressive national circulation in Haiti, Challenges pages touched Haitians around the world in both print and digital form. The magazine’s multi-tier approach to print and digital issues alongside various social media channels guaranteed immediate and constant interaction with its discerning audience.

Fresh, reliable, progressive, objective, thorough, focused, current & targeted.

Challenges is news you can trust.

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