EN·ER·GY [en-er-jee] noun 

1. the capacity to do work; the property of a system that diminishes when the system does work on any other system, by an amount equal to the work so done; potential energy. Symbol: E
2. any source of usable power, as fossil fuel, electricity, or solar radiation.

GB Energy will advance its responsible expansion across countries in a systematic method creating value for shareholders, external stakeholders and local markets while actively contributing to society’s improvement, the environment’s protection, sustainable business practices and the creation of sensible alliances.

Through ever increasing experience and powerful alliances with the world’s leading energy organizations, GB Energy will deliver exceptional service and the best product in the market at competitive rates.


The GB Group first entered the energy industry in Haiti in 2003 and in 2012 successfully completed the acquisition of Chevron – Texaco’s downstream assets in three additional countries in the Caribbean.

Our track record, values and professional code of ethics provide us with the competitive advantage necessary to manage the Group’s strategy responsibly while remaining faithful to our corporate sustainability charter.

Part of our effort, as responsible citizens of the world, requires us to be a constant in securing long term solutions to enhance socio-economic development as well as to serve as a protector of the environment we share. We manage investments sensibly.

The GB Group is most dedicated to introducing new forms of energy in all of the markets it serves. These viable alternatives are paramount in securing competitive clean energy and progress.

Our alliances with some of the world’s leading energy organizations have enabled us to capitalize and learn from their experience and wherewithal tremendously.

Today, GB Energy companies operate in 5 countries, with a retail network of 375 service stations, 8 airports, and 5 import terminals. In the Aviation Business, we have exclusivity to operate Punta Cana, Santiago and Samaná Airports in the Dominican Republic. We have Joint Operations in Montego Bay and Kingston Airports in Jamaica, and Joint Operations in Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten. We are a major player in all of these countries.

We’re already searching for the next challenge.

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