HUHSA Founded in 1981 with an edible oil processing plant, Huileries Haitiennes, S.A (HUHSA) has since expanded its activities to include five business sectors: Edible Oil; Laundry and Bath Soaps; Powder Detergents; Shortening & Margarine; and Packaged Goods.

HUHSA has a widespread distribution network that delivers products to its extensive clientele consisting primarily of wholesalers and retailers in every nook and cranny of Haiti. Thanks to its own fleet of trucks, th e company ensures that products are delivered to customers within 24 hours of order placement.

HUHSA products are top quality and economically priced—offered in brand or private label format in ways that meet the needs and culture of the Haitian population. Products are sold by street vendors, wholesalers, convenience stores and supermarkets.

At HUHSA, we employ more than 450 full time employees and many more independent contractors to efficiently manufacture and distribute our products. The company has received the highest praise from the government of Haiti, which recognized its corporate governance. Moreover, year after year the Customs Department has awarded HUHSA its highest honor for adhering to strict customs and taxpaying protocols.

HUHSA has been in the soap business in Haiti since the early 1980’s. Today, HUHSA markets laundry soap under the Banda label. The soap is manufactured in different sizes, shapes, presentations, colors and fragrances to meet the demands of Haitian consumers. In 2014, the plant upgraded its production machinery with new state-of-the-art technology.

The bath soap is commercialized under the names, Clean Boy, Bactrosan, Mousse and Eve, each with different target markets, properties and fragrances. Both our bath soaps and laundry soaps enjoy a great consumer acceptance and are leaders in the market


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