CON•STRUC•TION [kuhn-struhk-shuhn] noun

1. the act or art of constructing.
2. the way in which a thing is constructed: a building of solid construction.
3. something that is constructed; a structure.
4. the occupation or industry of building.

The construction sector is the second most important job provider in the country and in which the GB Group has been continuously investing since 1972.

Dynamic and proactive, the GB Group companies are strategically positioned as some of the most reliable suppliers of steel, lumber and cement in Haïti.

With many opportunities to improve Haitian construction standards, we are investing heavily in our people and existing production facilities to maintain our position as market leader.

Part of the challenges we will face in the coming years include adapting to new consumer preferences and to new technologies that will provide safer and more cost-efficient housing alternatives.

As always, we welcome the challenge.

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