Only Texaco Offers Techron D for Regular and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels

GB Energy Texaco JAMAICATexaco introduces its new diesel fuel additive, highlighlting its benefits such as engine care, better performance and environmental impact reduction.

Santo Domingo, November, 2015.- Texaco, licensed to GB Energy in the Dominican Republic, introduces its Techron D additive, specially formulated for regular and Ultra Low Sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels.

Techron D is a patented additive featuring detergent technology, which is added to all Texaco diesel fuels. This additive provides the following benefits:

Engine Care. Texaco’s Techron D is designed to clean fuel injectors and engine valves, and to protect engines against corrosion. This ensures the vehicle’s ability to maintain the ideal balance of air and fuel to provide optimal engine performance.

Better Performance. Texaco’s Techron D eliminates foam, which provides faster and cleaner pumping, and ensures the tank is properly filled. This results in better fuel performance in terms of mileage and greater engine power.

Environmental Impact Reduction. Residue deposits in key areas of the engine —a common occurrence when using low-grade diesel— results in increased gas emissions which affect the environment. Texaco’s Techron D is able to neutralize this effect by keeping engines healthy, which in turn reduces emissions and ultimately benefits the environment.

“Texaco’s Techron D provides the benefits sought by today’s drivers: High performance of their diesel fuel, as well as other features such as Techron D’s cleansing ability”, said Luis Fernandez de Castro, GB Energy-Texaco Regional Director of Operations.

“The formula of Texaco’s new additive, Techron D, cleans fuel injectors, protects against corrosion, and eliminates foam to provide faster and cleaner pumping, which result in better performance and maximum engine power”, says Fernandez.