New jobs at Lafito with Citadelle’s state-of-the-art grinding facility!

Friday, December 7th, 2018 – Citadelle is extremely pleased with its accomplishments over the past 8 years. In January 2nd, 2017 their bagging plant located in Port Lafito started operations and in May 2018 their new grinding plant started producing cement being sold in bags and in bulk. With this new plant, Citadelle is now well positioned to serve an important part of the national territory given its big production capacity which can reach up to 500,000 metric tons.

Marco Focardi, CEO of Domicem, strategic partner of the venture, declared himself extremely satisfied to be in a secure environment like the Lafito Global economic zone. This new platform was the catalyst for Citadelle to invest massively in the country.

“Citadelle’s continued growth in Haiti incited us to invest more than US$ 25 Million in a very ambitious industrial project. Our new plant located next to Port Lafito is a brand new, modern facility featuring all the technological advancements and latest technology available in the cement industry; a real gem in engineering” said Mr. Focardi.

This plant is generating several jobs which is beneficial and positive for the Haitian economy. Its strong team, resources, and expertise offer unparalleled devotion and personalized service, the latter which happens to be Citadelle’s cornerstone. In addition, Citadelle is adding value to the community and is achieving the financial objectives of its shareholders. In the upcoming year, Citadelle will take part in the accompaniment in the Lafiteau region to support certain social and economic development programs with local organizations.

Reuven Bigio, GB Group Charman, confirmed that this venture is the type of development and investment in local manufacturing that the GB Group is encouraging as a solution to Haiti’s systematic dependency on imported goods and low employment rates. “The joint venture with Domicem is the perfect example of the vision behind Lafito Global; it is a logistics, industrial, residential and recreational platform precisely developed to facilitate Haitian and international firms to co-invest in manufacturing and distribution enterprises, to promote new jobs, strengthen the local currency, setting the roadmap towards sustainable growth.”

About Citadelle
Citadelle United S.A is a company established in September 2010 in Haiti, with headquarters in Port au Prince. It is a joint venture between two major renowned companies, Domicem S.A. of the Dominican Republic and the GB Group.

About Domicem
“Domicem S.A.” is a subsidiary of the “Colacem” Group, Italy’s third cement producer. Colacem has plants both at home and abroad. Its industrial outlook is guided by sustainability and social responsibility while investments are managed by highly skilled professionals which run modern production units.

About GB Group
GB Group is a leading, diversified group of industrial and trading companies in the Caribbean, with operations concentrated in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, and St. Maarten and offices in the United States. Its operations are in the construction, consumer goods, infrastructure, energy, logistics, and trading industries. GB Group collaborates with more than 4,000 employees and embraces managers from more than 15 countries companywide. GB Group has strategic alliances and/or partnerships with some of the world’s top business organizations.