New fueling facilities at Simpson Bay in St. Maarten

GB Energy Texaco JAMAICA



Simpson Bay, St. Maarten. GB Energy – Texaco opened a new state-of-the-art fueling facility in the newly renovated marina located at the Skyport Facilities on Airport Road at Simpson Bay.

GB Energy is the exclusive fuel and lubricants provider for this exclusive marina which will boast a flow rate of 110-120 USG/minute. The high season is quickly approaching in St. Maarten and this marina offers a very attractive location for incoming yachts of any size. We look forward to serving our customers with the highest standards and the exceptional customer service that have always defined our company.

After arriving in the St. Maarten in 2012, GB Energy has remodeled the majority of the Texaco gas stations, fitting them with cutting-edge technology that helps optimize and increase fuel pumping speed, and provides customers faster and more efficient service, as well as greater convenience in its facilities.

In addition to the company’s initiative to modernize gas stations, innovation has allowed GB Energy to become a leading company in the country.

This new service station reaffirms GB Energy’s commitment with the Texaco brand in St. Maarten as well as our vision to continue making a difference and maintaining our position as leaders in the region’s fuel market.