The best quality CEMENT

Kolos, our cement product brand, is the result of a partnership between GBG and DOMICEM (part of COLACEM Group) in the grinding and distribution of superior quality cement.



This partnership –Citadelle– was born in order to meet client needs in the construction industry by producing up to 500,000 tons a year of cement, with the utmost attention to quality.

Our cements are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies guaranteed by the COLACEM Group – one of the leading enterprises in the international cement industry – in the most modern plant in the Caribbean. Moreover, strict management by experienced and trained professionals in Italy, United States and Dominican Republic ensure we are always at the forefront of innovation.

Efficient sales and output levels are the result of the continuous application of the values which have always guided us: quality, commitment, integrity, responsibility, service and teamwork.

KOLOS: Special Portland Cement

High strength cement, ideal for prefabricated and construction works requiring high-performance concrete. It has strength of more than 3190 psi after 3 days and more than 5000 psi after 28 days.

KOLOS Special Portland Cement is a consistent and reliable product, manufactured according to the most rigorous quality standards. This product is a high-setting cement able to improve the durability of concrete structures and has been already been widely used in bridges, piers, roads, hotels and block manufacturing


Through our activities in these areas of focus, we are able to touch each and every family.


Our commitment to building a better Hispaniola is exemplified through our investments in infrastructure projects such as ports and free zones, and power generation projects from thermal and renewable energy sources.


Since 1973, we have diversified our portfolio from the manufacturing and distribution of steel rebars, to now include a complete line of steel-derived final products, a lumber yard and a cement grinding mill.


GBG is committed to reaching each and every family in Haiti through a robust offering of consumer goods. For over 30 years, GBG has worked to bring the most renowned products in the world such as Kraft, Philip Morris and Goya to the country. GBG also manufactures its own brands as Gourmet, catering and honoring the wonders of Haitian cuisine and culture.


We are proud to be Hispaniola’s largest supplier of liquid fuels. We achieve this thanks to the trust of our industrial, aviation, and retail customers via our 380+ service stations and our participation in the Caribbean‘s largest passenger airports.