Huileries Haïtiennes unveils new logo – UPDATED!


This past January 3rd, 2014 we were eager to announce Huileries Haitiennes S.A.’s new logo produced by Silvia Molina and Ana Isabel Pérez Bernal from Molina & Pérez-Bernal and incorrectly stated this agency being associated with New York’s reputable Muts & Joy. Having been made aware of this clerical mistake, we’ve since removed this false statement and would like to apologize to Muts & Joy as well as Molina & Pérez-Bernal for this misunderstanding. Furthermore, Ms. Molina, Ms. Pérez-Bernal and Molina & Pérez-Bernal have never insinuated or professed any association with Muts & Joy.

For the updated news post, please click here.

To Muts & Joy and Joy Greene, again our sincerest apologies.