Huileries Haitiennes honored as #2 importer in Haiti.
Aciérie d’Haiti is #3!

“L’Administration Générale des Douanes (AGD)” in Haiti, took special pride in paying homage to Haiti’s top contributors to the State (outside of petroleum) for the fiscal year of 2011-2012.

“Progress in customs services through innovation” was the theme chosen by “L’Administration Générale des Douanes (AGD)” this year in celebration of  International Customs Day.

AGD Director, Fresnel Jean-Baptiste, had planned many attractive activities sponsored by the World Customs Organization headquartered in Brussels with over 150 Member States.

Celebrated annually on January 26th, International Customs Day draws attention to the efforts of the men and women who work in customs administrations worldwide. Moreover, it is also a reminder that customs contribute to the security of territories and populations fighting against trafficking and smuggling.

Most importantly, this day underlines the value of our civic duty to follow established practices for our great country’s benefit.

The GB Group is very proud of Huileries Haitiennes S.A for receiving the honor of being the 2nd largest importer in terms of duties psid and applauds it’s  efforts of contributing to “L’Administration Générale des Douanes (AGD)”‘s performance in a positive way.

The  GB Group also applauds Acierie d’Haiti S.A on holding the #3 spot for a 2nd year in a row.

These two companies alone contributed to almost 5% of all taxes paid nationwide.