Grand Opening of Texaco’s Modern Fuel Station

GB Energy Texaco JAMAICABavaro, La Altagracia. Texaco opened a new $1.5 million pumping station, considered a state-of-the-art facility in the area of Bavaro, La Altagracia Providence.

The station, named Villa Bavaro, features the new Texaco 20/20 image and offers innovations such as a state-of-the-art pumping machine, LED lighting in shelters and exterior areas, LED price board, and buildings with air conditioning systems featuring inverter technology.

As explained by Rosanna Grullon, Sales Manager at GB Energy, the station has been designed to provide greater comfort and safety for Texaco customers; it features a six-isle shelter, a convenience store, car washing area with convenient waiting area, parking for light-weight vehicles and buses, as well as appropriate bathroom facilities.

NewsImages_bavaro05After arriving in the Dominican Republic in 2012, GB Energy has remodeled over 28 Texaco gas stations, fitting them with cutting-edge technology that helps optimize and increase fuel pumping speed, and provides customers faster and more efficient service, as well as greater convenience in its facilities.

Grullon emphasized that in addition to the company’s initiative to modernize pumping stations, innovation has allowed GB Energy to become a leading company in the Dominican Republic, in areas such as commissioning of a modern monitoring and tracking system called “Textrack” that allows clients to follow up on their fuel orders, from the time the order is processed, until it is received at their facilities. Ms. Grullon also noted the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) into the market –a diesel fuel substantially lower in sulfur content– which improves drivability of newer vehicles featuring advanced engines with emission control systems, as well as the first additive in the market designed for diesel fuels.

“Today we would like to reaffirm GB Energy’s commitment with the Texaco brand in the Dominican Republic, as well as our vision to continue making a difference and maintaining our position as leaders in the country’s fuel market,” said the Ms. Grullon during the opening speech of the new station.

She also thanked Mr. Amable Aristy Castro, business owner of the Villa Bavaro station, and emphasized the importance of retailers as partners in the expansion and modernization plan for the network of stations of the Texaco brand.

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