General Manager appointed at Lafito Industrial Free Zone

January 17th, 2018 – It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the Board and I hereby announce the formal start date of Andress Appolon as General Manager of Lafito Industrial Free Zone (LIFZ).

Andress joins LIFZ following a career path that has led her in the financial and electricity sectors in New York, Washington DC and Haiti giving her unique insight into both the private and public sectors in two industries that go hand in hand at many levels. Andress has been involved with LIFZ since the summer of 2017 as an advisor to the Board. Today we welcome her in her new role to lead the team and the company towards a bright future for all stakeholders while making an impactful contribution to the Haitian economy.

Amongst her many duties and responsibilities she will manage a state of the art electrical power production facility, accompany our key export partners in the free zone to establish thousands of new jobs and lead LIFZ’s participation in the country’s opening of the energy sector.

With the addition of Andress to the existing management teams that have supported our development thus far, the GB Group and LIFZ Boards are confident that the companies will be managed successfully for years to come.

Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Appolon and in wishing her Godspeed in her mission under the guidance of our GB Group CEO Pablo Portes.

Reuven Bigio