GB Groups introduces new corporate image for 2013

The Bigio Group endeavors date all the way back to 100+ years beginning with the first family operation: a cotton gin to supply garment factories in Manchester, England founded by Isaac Jacques Bigio.

What is today known as the GB Group was born in 1972 when our Chairman, Gilbert Bigio, took the decision to leave the family’s historical commercial activities to pursue his own visions and dreams.

“Corporate identity comes into being when there is common ownership of an organizational philosophy manifested in a distinct corporate culture — the corporate personality.” While our values have always been present in our business practices and while we pride ourselves in our history as well as our gained experience, we decided to revisit key questions such as: Who are we, really? What lies at the core? Where are we going?

We began with a successful scouting for the domain and interviewed several expert agencies.

For this delicate task, we selected the reputable Molina & Pérez-Bernal working tirelessly alongside Silvia Molina and Ana Isabel Pérez Bernal in order to deliver a visual identity that seamlessly captured our essence.

After many months of intense work, long meetings and a myriad of drafts, we’re proud to unveil the results:

GBG New logo




This new corporate seal personifies our TRADITION which ensures our priorities are present, our STRENGTH in over 9 different industries, 4 countries and counting; our COMMITMENT a defining characteristic, our strongest asset TRUST, our earned LEADERSHIP and INNOVATION ensuring we forever remain at the forefront.

  • Strength
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Innovation