GB Group appoints Pablo Portes as new CEO

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018. Miami, Fl. – Thursday, November 22nd, 2018. Miami, Fl. – The GB Group, a leading business conglomerate in key sectors of the Caribbean economy, announced the appointment of Mr. Pablo Portes as its new CEO, during an event held earlier today with the Group’s main executives and staff, as well as public authorities.

This diversified group of industrial and trading companies founded in Haiti by Mr. Gilbert Bigio in 1972, boasts 46 years vested in improving the quality of life of those we serve, enhancing the environment and securing the Group’s long-term regional competitiveness” in Mr. Bigio’s own words.

Haiti’s first multinational enterprise, with offices in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Saint Maarten, had designated Mr. Portes first as Managing Director of GB Energy (the Group’s energy division) and later on as CEO of the aforementioned segment overseeing interests in the entire Caribbean region.

Today, Mr. Portes humbly replaces Mr. Reuven Bigio, who has successfully served as CEO for the past several years continuing and ever expanding his father’s legacy, and who will now go on to serve as GB Group Chairman.

Newly appointed CEO to the GB Group, Pablo Portes, enjoys more than 20 years of high-level executive experience working in the USA, London, The Hague & Latam markets.

“We are honored to have Pablo as a leader for our operations. Pablo excels in every endeavor he tackles as a result of his entrepreneurial and leadership skills, but most importantly as a result of his work ethic and values. We are confident that the Group’s longstanding growth record will be continued and expanded by Pablo with innovative strategies to strengthen our management team and continue to introduce GB Group to new markets,” said Bigio during his farewell speech.

“I will continue advancing GB Group’s responsible expansion across countries in a systematic method creating value for shareholders, external stakeholders, and local markets while actively contributing to society’s improvement, the environment’s protection, sustainable business practices and the creation of sensible alliances,” said Pablo.

He continued to assert: “We will focus on structures and strategies that will allow the Group to consider all sensible options for growth. We will expand intelligently and continue to innovate on the way we make decisions and conduct our day-to-day business to ensure they are the right decisions.

GB Group is distinguished for its long-standing history in developing bold industrial activities. Renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, the Group is exemplified in its diverse portfolio of capital investments. Pablo is the embodiment of these core values. Join us in wishing him Godspeed in the ventures ahead.