GB Energy – Texaco’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) a great success in Jamaica

GB Energy – Texaco brought Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel to Jamaica:
Cleaner fuel. Brighter Future.

Whether you own an old diesel vehicle or a brand new diesel boat with next-generation technology, every diesel owner can benefit from quality Texaco fuels. Last November, GB Energy introduced the Jamaican market to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and has since enjoyed great acceptance and popularity.

ULSD meets all updated fuel regulations and can be used in all engines that run on conventional diesel fuel as well as next-generation ultra-clean diesel.

The benefits of ULSD over traditional forms of diesel include:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Improved power and acceleration
  • Reduced particle emissions
  • Extended motor life

More Benefits:

GB Energy and Texaco Diesel ULSD

USLD flows to the injection pump
 and circulates through the system absorbing unwanted heat generated by the engine


GB Energy and Texaco Diesel ULSD

ULSD has lubricating properties
crucial to reducing unwanted wear in the fuel system ensuring a trouble-free vehicle life.


GB Energy and Texaco Diesel ULSD

ULSD picks up unwanted contamination in the fuel system
transferring the contaminant to the fuel filtration components where contaminants are removed.


About GB Energy in Jamaica:

GB Energy represents the TEXACO brand in Jamaica, which has been present in the country for more than 93 years. After assuming control of operations in November 2012, GB Energy has significantly grown and invested in the Jamaican market.

Today GB Energy supplies 67 stations, have increased the number of industrial accounts as well as our market share in Aviation fueling supply. GB Energy is also present in one terminal in the Jamaican market.

GB Energy Jamaica has strong ties to the community with an active participation in the American Chamber of Commerce, the Private Sector Organization and the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce.

Download GB Energy Jamaica’s Ultra Low Sulfur fact sheet here