GB Energy Texaco sponsors Sarraf Racing Team in Dominican Republic

GB Energy Texaco JAMAICA

GB Energy-Texaco and Sarraff Racing Team (SRT) are preparing for their participation in the 2018 Motoring National Championship.

GB Energy-Texaco and the Sarraff Racing Team (SRT) are preparing for their stellar participation in the 2018 Motoring National Championship after last year’s outstanding performance when they participated for the first time with two cars.

The SRT will once again compete in the Dominican Touring Series (DTS) and Street Touring (ST) categories with its Mazda cars. For the first category, the driver will be Harold Robles, and for the latter, Manuel Sarraff, son of the renowned car champion & team founder Máximo Sarraff. Andrew Carbonell will also tag along as pilot alongside these fearless drivers.

“We are very pleased with the support that Texaco gave us last year, with exceptional closeness and commitment. We became family! And Texaco’s fuel  & support  is all we need to hit the pavement and win. This year we are going to be champions. We will not give truce,” said Manuel Sarraff who was named Rookie of the Year in 2017.

For GB Energy-Texaco it is an honor to be represented in this important sporting event by the Sarraff Racing Team, a team with many years of success in the Dominican Motoring scene since 1987. We are sure that this 2018 will once again make us proud of their participation and swift execution.