GB Energy – Texaco bring innovation to St. Maarten


With the introduction of a brand new two-meter truck, GB Energy – Texaco is the first to bring this new technology to benefit LPG customers in the island.

St. Maarten.-  In line with its commitment to offer the highest customer service standards in the country,  Texaco has just introduced a 2013 Freightliner Truck to serve its Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) operations in St. Maarten.  This vehicle brings the latest technology to the island allowing the company to serve any type of tanks no matter their capacity. 

Texaco’s new Freightliner Truck, manufactured by JARCO, has ABS brakes and a capacity of 10,598 liters (2,800 AG). The truck has been DOT Certified and has an Emergency Remote Shutdown System. This is the first two-meter truck in the country!

GB Energy Jamaica’s LPG business covers big industries as well as residential customers. GB Energy provides a complete package to ensure its customers are well serviced and that their businesses run smoothly.

“As part of an integral service, we make sure our customers not only receive high quality products with the highest safety standards, but we also provide them with advice on LPG bulk tanks and cylinders”.  Said Jesus Summo, GB Energy – Texaco CEO for Dominican Republic & St. Maarten

All company drivers were trained by JARCO engineer Mark Allen Moore on LPG safety practices. The training, which lasted three full days, covered topics such as:

  • How to handle LPG
  • Truck controls and devices
  • Proper truck operation & precautions
  • Delivery simulation exercises

GB Energy – always at the forefront.