Through ever increasing experience and powerful alliances with the world’s leading energy organizations


GB Energy


GBG Energy advances responsible expansion across countries by prioritizing sustainable business practices and strengthening strategic partnerships across sectors.

This forward-thinking mentality, helps to increase value for external stakeholders and local markets, while actively contributing to the wellbeing of society and the planet.

We take our leadership role on Hispaniola to heart and will continue to expand our 380+ strong service station network and product offerings to accompany our customers in the transition toward cleaner and renewable alternatives.

The GB Group

GBG first entered Haiti’s fuel distribution industry in 2003. By 2012, GBG had successfully completed the acquisition of Chevron— Texaco’s downstream assets in three additional countries in the Caribbean.

Our track record

Our track record, values, and professional code of ethics provide us with the competitive advantage necessary to responsibly execute GBG’s growth strategy, while remaining faithful to our corporate sustainability charter.

As conscientious citizens, we believe in securing long-term solutions and managing investments sensibly in order to enhance socio-economic development and environmental protections.

GBG is dedicated to introducing new forms of energy in all of the markets we serve. These viable alternatives are paramount in securing competitive clean energy and progress.

Our alliances with some of the world’s leading energy organizations have enabled us to capitalize and learn from their industry-leading best practices.



Through our activities in these areas of focus, we are able to touch each and every family.


Since 1973, we have diversified our portfolio from the manufacturing and distribution of steel rebars, to now include a complete line of steel-derived final products, a lumber yard and a cement grinding mill.


GBG is committed to reaching each and every family in Haiti through a robust offering of consumer goods. For over 30 years, GBG has worked to bring the most renowned products in the world such as Kraft, Philip Morris and Goya to the country. GBG also manufactures its own brands as Gourmet, catering and honoring the wonders of Haitian cuisine and culture.


Our commitment to building a better Hispaniola is exemplified through our investments in infrastructure projects such as ports and free zones, and power generation projects from thermal and renewable energy sources.