Dinasa, National, Sodigaz & USAID plant 1 MILLION TREES IN HAITI!

Yesterday, DINASA throught its commercial brands, National & Sodigaz, proudly announced Project PLANTE LAVNI alongside USAID WINNER to push Haiti’s reforestation efforts forth.

During the next six months, National (DINASA) & USAID – Winner will fund the production of one million seedlings to be planted in Haiti.

The hope-inducing event brought together reputable personalities including the Minister of Agriculture, Hébert Docteur, the United States Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth H. Merten, USAID-Winner Director, Jean-Robert Estime & DINASA Chairman, Gilbert Bigio.

This noble initiative is a seed planted by DINASA Chairman, Gilbert Bigio, who is always looking for an opportunity to improve and invest in Haiti’s future. “We’ve now focused on sustaining the environment we share” said Jasson Valbrun, NATIONAL’s Marketing & Sales Director.

Haiti is in need of 30 million trees each year to overcome the devastating effects of deforestation which has long been a Haitian antagonist. The GB Group through DINASA is helping in any way they can.

The project called Plante Lavni – pou un Ayiti tou vet” will plant these million seeds in the next 6 months. Funding for this challenging feat valued at USD $500,000 is provided by USAID and DINASA with support from the Ministry of Agriculture.

When asked about concrete measures to be taken in order to help the program as well as the environment, DINASA promised intense liquified petroleum gas (or commonly referred to as LPG) promotion as a substitute for charcoal. The goal is to increase domestic LPG consumption as an alternate energy source  which is currently only 4%.

Check out the event pictures on FACEBOOK here and stay tuned for updates on this amazing accomplishment.