GB Group FoundationThroughout its history, The GB Group and its affiliate companies have consistently lent their support to charitable works aimed at improving the lives of Haitians in varied aspects.

After many years of collaborating alongside several renowned foundations, noble causes and playing a key role in the crucial moments immediately following the devastating 2010 earthquake, it finally came time for the GB Group to concentrate its humanitarian efforts under one umbrella. The Fondation Monique et Gilbert Bigio will now contribute in greater and more focused strides towards one common goal.

Most recently and thanks to the GB Group Foundation, Lafito Global intends to donate of over 72,000 square meters of land valued at 6.5 million dollars for the construction of the state-of-the-art Bethesda Referral and Teaching Hospital 20 kilometers north of Port-au-Prince whose purpose is to host accomplished medical volunteers who will tend to patients in need and train local doctors and nurses in the areas of maternal and prenatal care.

Fondation Monique et Gilbert Bigio Inc. (“FMGB”) is a non-profit organization founded by GB Group.

The GB Group Haiti’s first multinational enterprise and is distinguished for its well established history in developing bold industrial activities. Renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, the Group is exemplified in its diverse portfolio of capital investments.

FMGB is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing impoverished communities in Haiti and the individuals who reside in those communities with community development and community aid projects. As a corollary, certain local organizations in those Haitian communities will benefit from the organization’s aid if their services are related to our projects and they become part of the community development plan. Examples of such organizations would include medical care facilities, schools, and sanitation or water purification organizations.

The organization will plan a specific program/project which will first identify Haitian communities that are in need and visit those communities to meet with leaders for the purpose of determining which specific needs are most pressing in that community. Only after this detailed investigation and assessment will the organization develop a specific plan for funding and implementing a specific project.


FMGB’s main objective is to contribute to community development of impoverished communities in Haiti by planning, organizing, funding and managing construction projects relating to community development. Our objective also includes without limitation: education, medical care facilities, sanitation, water purification, and low income housing. FMGB will mainly be responsible for the planning, organizing, funding and managing projects to create and/ or improve education, and job training.


Fondation Monique et Gilbert Bigio will assist impoverished communities in Haiti by providing lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities with sustainable infrastructure.


FMGB will contribute to the development of 3 communities located in the communes of Arcahaie and Cabaret within the next two years. First, the goal is to open three (3) new community organizing committees within the next two years. The second goal is to open two (2) skills training workshops per community.

The project proposal is focused on different programs for community development in the poor areas near where GB Group is working so that we can have a positive impact where it is needed the most. The programs include: Community organization, leadership and skills training workshops.


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