The GB Group is distinguished for its long-standing history in developing bold industrial activities. Renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, the Group is exemplified in its diverse portfolio of capital investments.

Our businesses and joint ventures are individually managed by industry-specific talent directly responsible for their day-to-day operations. This ensures that each remains at the forefront of their particular fields and constant innovation.


There is no question: Our people make us WHO we are and for this we are forever grateful.

Through the GBG organization, our Board of Directors defines overall strategy, general governance guidelines and monitors performance for every operating company.

To highlight some of our history, the Group has invested in activities such as: the garment industry (producing Stride Rite Shoes and Lee Jeans under the Caribbean Basin Initiative), a ship dismantling operation for scrap export, banking (following the purchase of Banque Nationale de Paris’s assets in Haiti), and Telecommunications (pioneering of the use of GSM technology through our historic and pivotal role in the creation of Digicel Haiti) and more recently in the creation of Lafito Global, an integrated economic zone that includes a Panamax Port, free zone, a business park and a residential area.

Through our actions, our focus is to make a significant impact on what we consider success metrics: improving the quality of life of those we serve, enhancing the environment and securing the group’s long-term regional competitiveness.

Our passion is to build. Our passion is to leave positive lasting marks on the things we touch. Our passion is to make a difference.

Join us in collaborative thinking.
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Let’s make the future even brighter.

Gilbert Bigio

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