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Since 1972, GBG has been investing in the construction sector, the second most important job provider in the country, as a primary Area of Focus.

Drawing from its long history in the industry, GBG companies are strategically positioned as some of the most reliable suppliers of steel, lumber, and cement throughout Hispaniola.

GBG continues to invest in its people and existing production facilities by identifying ways to improve construction standards throughout the region. As a market leader, GBG looks to adapt to new consumer preferences and technologies to provide safe and cost-efficient housing alternatives.


Through our activities in the consumer goods sector, we are able to touch each and every family. 


By co-investing with credible partners, we are creating a financially solid sector while creating green jobs and long-term sustainable plans to maintain Hispaniola’s status as a key exporter of agricultural goods to the US and the Caribbean.


We aim to become the most important supplier of energy to the region’s entire energetic grid, serving Hispaniola’s industrial customers through our 320+ service stations throughout the island.


Consisting of ports, free zones and power generation projects, this division accounts for the first private bulk and container port in Haiti and an industrial park with a dedicated international container port, as well as development of fuel, LNG, thermal, solar and possibly wind energy sources.