Acierie d’Haiti continues to donate soaps in the country

Acierie d’Haiti (or ADH for short) continues to donate soaps in Haiti amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

In line with parent company GB Group’s tradition and core principle of best-in-class customer service, Aciérie d’Haiti is making sure all its clients receive soaps. In addition, ADH donated 112,000 soaps throughout the country, more specifically in the border provinces as the fight against COVID-19 is a collective one.

In the words of our Founder, Mr. Gilbert Bigio “Our passion is to build. Our passion is to leave positive lasting marks on the things we touch. Our passion is to make a difference.”

Acierie d’Haiti is committed to making a difference and contributing positively as much as possible. It remains one of the country’s largest industrial ventures and is one of the most recognized commercial brands in Haiti.