Lafito Industrial Free Zone is being developed as part of the fully integrated and self-sufficient Lafito Global project to attract international manufacturing companies and revitalize foreign investment in Haiti.

The Lafito Global economic zone includes Port Lafito international port, the Industrial Free Zone, a Commercial Free Zone and an area for local manufacturers and distributors in its current phase and a power plant.

Located less than one mile from Port Lafito, Lafito Industrial Free Zone will boast 100,000 square meters of manufacturing space and provide all the services and infrastructure necessary to support the project’s activities including a 24-megawatt power plant of competitive and reliable power. Moreover, occupants will benefit from fiscal advantages extended to manufacturers producing in Haiti for export to world markets.

Thanks to liberal economic regulations, combined with the U.S. HOPE and HELP acts, Lafito Industrial Free Zone will accommodate thousands of workers over the next decade.

Lafito Industrial Free Zone also plans to construct twenty buildings of 5,000 square meters each and two 10,000 square meter cafeterias while providing world-class services and amenities to its tenants. All related government services will be housed on-site making Lafito Industrial Free Zone a true Integrated Economic Zone.

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