REPSA is a marine and civil construction company serving as the main dredging service provider in Haiti. REPSA is fully staffed with experienced management from the United States who has worked extensively in all areas the company focuses on.

To meet the significant opportunities within Haiti and the entire Caribbean region, the GB Group has been developing Repsa as its internal construction arm. Repsa’s mandate is to deliver world-class services consistent with industry standards and protocols. We have been investing in the best engineering and construction talent available coupled with high quality equipment.


Marine Construction

Repsa has started its marine construction team by attracting a strong contingent of experienced personnel with many years of successful U.S Army Corps of Engineers and multiple State Department of Transportation projects. Capabilities include H-pile, sheet pile and concrete pile installation, water intake and outfall design and installation, bridge pier construction, dock and jetty construction and the like. 

Commercial Diving

Repsa’s marine construction capabilities have a core of highly talented and experienced expat professionals. Our team consists of some of the best oil field and inland diving professionals available, each with 10 to 30 years of experience. Shallow air, mixed gas and saturation, salvage, burning and welding as well as underwater concrete are the core experiences of our team.

As a group we have worked on many of the largest and most complicated projects in the US and abroad. Our crew is very experienced with underwater demolition and salvage, hydro-electric dam maintenance/repair/ retrofit, structural welding, production cutting utilizing tubular steel and ultra-thermic burning rigs, vessel salvage and civil construction. We are confident that a more experienced and well equipped commercial diving team does not exist within the Caribbean or the US. 

General Construction

To round out our construction capabilities, we have identified general construction services as a necessary component of our service offering. Our team is skilled and equipped to form and place large concrete structures, complete complicated carpentry projects and execute large earth-moving projects to precise grade requirements.

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